About NFTs

Legitimate addresses

I mint NFTs from two addresses. The first one is on Foundation, from the address 0x9E71...eA50. The second one is on Hic et Nunc, at tz1Zv...LKoDM on the Tezos blockchain.

Carbon & energy use

UpdatedEmissions estimateOffsets puchased
August 20213.81t10t

At the time of writing this, the Ethereum blockchain is still using proof of work to confirm transaction blocks. Since proof of work rewards using as much energy as possible, I'll keep a running tally of transactions done with my pieces, and periodically purchase carbon offsets to a multiple of their estimated kgCO2 impact. This is not a perfect solution, but I see it as the minimum I'm willing to live with.

The per-transaction estimate is based on Kyle McDonald's ethereum NFT estimates here – which place Foundation at roughly 84 kgCO2 per transaction. The offsets are by Terrapass.